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Data science, Data engineering
20-50 employees
+31 (0)35 672 9069

In a Nutshell

  • Experience. Everybody is talking about Data Science and Big Data. Our team has been implementing Big Data and Hadoop solutions since 2009.
  • Agile. Our parent company, Xebia, has a long history of applying agile methodologies. This way of working is of particular importance in data projects, where test and learn is the only way. We embrace and extend Agile to Data Science projects.
  • Not only analytics. Next to our Data Science team, we employ experienced software engineers and IT professionals. Others specialize in analytics and see software development as an undesirable necessity. We come from a background of delivering IT solutions and understand what it takes to make new technology work in existing, enterprise IT environments.
  • Local experience. Our customer cases are all from the European market. Many big shops advertise experience in the US market, which is complicated to adapt to another territory (for reasons such as privacy, legislation, and compliance). Also, the knowledge required for these cases is not always available locally.
  • Vendor independent. Vendor independent. We choose best-of-breed technology that both solves the problem and fits within your IT organization.
  • No lock in. We aggressively avoid lock-in to our services. We help our customers to become independent of us through training and knowledge sharing, instead of focusing on maintenance contracts.

Our values
At GoDataDriven, we inherited the value system from our parent company Xebia. built on four principles. These are the key success factors of our organization (in no particular order): People First, Sharing Knowledge, Quality without Compromise, and Customer Intimacy.

By understanding our mission, focus, and values, our people are empowered to take ownership and make decisions on any level and in any situation. In this way, we perpetuate the unique position and culture of the company.

As avid users of open-source technology, we believe it’s in the best interest of our ecosystem to also give back when appropriate. We’ve solved the problem of high-performance, large-scale clickstream data collection many times before, so we have built a generic Hadoop-based solution and provide this as open-source software to the community and our customers. See: Divolte Collector.

We are proud contributers to and sponsors of the following community efforts:

  • Founder and co-organizer of NoSQL NL, the first and official Dutch NoSQL user group
  • Co-founder and co-organizer of NL-HUG, the official Dutch Hadoop user group
  • Co-organizer of Graph Database Amsterdam
  • Co-founder and co-organizer of The Amsterdam Applied Machine Learning Meetup Group
  • Founder and co-organizer of PyData Amsterdam group

GoDataDriven is shaping the future of businesses in the Netherlands. From online retail to financial services; public to telco; we transform organizations into DataDriven enterprises. We’re on the forefront of Big Data technologies and Data Science, and we’re looking for exceptional people to join us.

About you?
You’re pragmatic, learn quickly, and have a proven track record of experience. You communicate well and enjoy working with customers in teams. Above all, you’re curious about the world and passionate about what you do.

Join us?
At GoDataDriven, we treat each other properly; with respect, cooperation and a view towards creating an enthusiastic, self-empowered, dynamic working community. Our culture exudes creativity and ambition, and our colleagues share an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We’re especially proud of our generous training budget and our “Hack-What-You-Want” Fridays.

Our inspiring office is located on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam, also known as the “Knowledge Mile”. The building functions as both workspace, and meeting place, with an open environment that encourages interactions with colleagues and like-minded people from the public. We’re an active, modern tech company. We organize meetups, attend and speak at conferences, and hold frequent internal hackathons.

Life at GoDataDriven!
While we primarily work on location for our customers, we form a very close team of professionals that work together on exciting challenges. We value team cohesion, knowledge and personal development, innovation, and fun. At most companies, you’ll see similar statements, but at GoDataDriven, we back this up with concrete benefits:

  • We have a monthly full-day hackathon on company time. You can choose to work on whatever and with whomever. Want to invite a friend from outside? No problem.
  • A real training budget, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year.
  • Monthly all-team meetings that include dinner.
  • Attending and speaking at relevant conferences doesn’t come out of your vacation time.
  • Have an idea for a meetup we should sponsor? Or want to start a new one? You’ve got it. Knowledge sharing is a core value for us.